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single adj
1 existing alone or consisting of one entity or part or aspect or individual; "upon the hill stood a single tower"; "had but a single thought which was to escape"; "a single survivor"; "a single serving"; "a single lens"; "a single thickness" [syn: single(a)] [ant: multiple]
2 used of flowers having usually only one row or whorl of petals; "single chrysanthemums resemble daisies and may have more than one row of petals" [ant: double]
3 not married or related to the unmarried state; "unmarried men and women"; "unmarried life"; "sex and the single girl"; "single parenthood"; "are you married or single?" [syn: unmarried] [ant: married]
4 characteristic of or meant for a single person or thing; "an individual serving"; "separate rooms"; "single occupancy"; "a single bed" [syn: individual, separate, single(a)]
5 having uniform application; "a single legal code for all" [syn: single(a)]
6 not divided among or brought to bear on more than one object or objective; "judging a contest with a single eye"; "a single devotion to duty"; "undivided affection"; "gained their exclusive attention" [syn: single(a), undivided, exclusive]
7 involved two individuals; "single combat" [syn: single(a)]
8 individual and distinct; "pegged down each separate branch to the earth"; "a gift for every single child" [syn: separate, single(a)]


1 a base hit on which the batter stops safely at first base
2 the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number; "he has the one but will need a two and three to go with it"; "they had lunch at one" [syn: one, 1, I, ace, unity] v : hit a one-base hit

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sengle < sengle < singulus a diminutive from the root in simplex "simple". See simple, and confer singular.



  1. Not accompanied by anything else.
    Can you give me a single reason not to leave right now?
  2. Not divided in parts.
    The potatoes left the spoon and landed in a single big lump on the plate.
  3. Designed for the use of only one.
    a single room
  4. Designed for a single use; not reusable.
    the anti-aircraft rocket is fired from a single use launch platform.
  5. Not married.
    Josh put down that he was a single male on the dating website.
  6. Having only one rank or row of petals.



not accompanied by anything else
not divided in parts
designed for the use of only one
  • Swedish: enkel
not married
botany: having only one rank or row of petal
  • Swedish: enkel


  1. A 45rpm vinyl record with one song on side A and one on side B.
  2. A popular song released and sold (on any format) nominally on its own though usually has at least one extra track.
  3. One who is not married.
    He went to the party, hoping to meet some friendly singles there.
  4. A score of one run.
  5. A hit in baseball where the batter advances to first base.
  6. A bill valued at $1.
    I don't have any singles, so you'll have to make change.


  • (45rpm vinyl record): album
  • (one who is not married): married


45rpm vinyl record
  • Croatian: singl
  • Swedish: singel
popular song
  • Croatian: singl
  • Finnish: single
  • Swedish: singel
one who is not married
cricket: score of one run
baseball: hit
A bill valued at $1
  • Kurdish:
    Sorani: تاک دۆلاری


  1. To identify or select one member of a group from the others; generally used with out, either to single out or to single (something) out.
    Eddie singled out his favorite marble from the bag.
    Evonne always wondered why Ernest had singled her out of the group of giggling girls she hung around with.
  2. To get a hit that advances the batter exactly one base.
    Pedro singled in the bottom of the eighth inning, which, if converted to a run, would put the team back into contention.

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Single may refer to:
In music:
In sports:
In other fields:
  • Single person, a person not married or in a romantic relationship
  • Single (TV series), produced by Jane Fallon for Channel 4
  • SINGLE (dating show), a Philippine reality-dating show made by Ideal Minds Corporation that aired from May 2002 to July 2005.
  • Single (locomotive), a steam locomotive with a single pair of driving wheels
  • Single precision, a computer numbering format that occupies one storage location in computer memory at a given address
  • Single, a type of bet made on one selection
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